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2003-06-20 New pictures of my Gibertini 100 cm with DiSEqC 1.2 Moteck SG-2100.
The result in module 'EL Obstacle' can now be printed out.
2003-06-16 New classification of the 'hyperlinks'.
2003-06-11 My website appeared in the DIGITAL FERNSEHEN magazine (edition 05) on 2003-04-27!
2003-04-04 Pictures of my new equipment: Gibertini 100 cm with DiSEqC 1.2 Moteck SG-2100
2003-03-19 Now I have an awards page!
2003-02-28 Country names in 'AZ/EL Calculator' now also in English.
2003-02-14 ISP change done! is now faster then ever, thanks to the ISP change and the new embedded GZIP technology.
2003-01-22 Daily sat news!
2003-01-19 Internet addresses of most satellite operators from the whole world.
2003-01-18 'Links' are now better represented. Additionally you can see the number of hits for each link.
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